The best user experience is achieved through interactive design. To deliver extensive design solutions,
our UI/UX designers use standard strategies with latest tools and technologies.

Our goal is to provide our clients with user-friendly
interfaces that meet their interests.

A good user experience is the most important part of turning an idea into a useful product. Users interact with digital services through two primary components: the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). We have both UI/UX experts on board who develop software that provides the best possible user experience. Our UX engineers play a crucial role in formulating the most suited approach for comprehensive design solutions, in order to deliver a customized UI/UX service. Depending on the nature of the project, our specialists will choose one of the following approaches:

Our Process of Work

The most frequently used approaches are Wireframes and Prototypes.

UI/UX App Flow
APP Flow

We bring a formalized vision with smart documentation combining ideas, concepts, and UI/UX designs, leading to a successful project plan

UI/UX: Wireframes by zapta technologies

We perform front-end and back-end development such that it takes your breath away with perfect visuals, well-designed pages, and an amazingly clean and functional layout

UI/UX mockups by zapta technologies

We have expert testers who possess intensive experience in testing and deliver bug-free and high-quality web and mobile apps

UI/UX: prototyping by zapta software company

Finally, we deliver perfect web and mobile products designed to bring your ideas to life and test it periodically to keep you on the right track

ZAPTA Techbologies: builds innovative wireframes


Visualize the website/app layout

We visualize the website/app layout with rough sketches presented with grey lines, placeholders, colors, and boxes. They can be either hand-drawn or software-based and called are low fidelity prototypes.


High-fidelity designs

We will convert wireframes into clickable high-fidelity designs of the actual application that will give the feel of a real application along with a usability touch. We always consider user preferences while developing software systems. We do our best to eliminate inconvenient elements and deliver the highest return on investment for the customer. Our aim is to create a user interface that will be easy, efficient and understandable for the users. Our designers use different tools while considering the fundamental design requirements. Some of them are following:

UI/UX Prototyping developed by zapta tech

We provide two types of designs for better system understanding of the system under development. One is the “Visual design” that illustrates the appearance and feels of the product and another one is “Interaction design” that is used for presenting the functional and logical structure of the system.

The visual experience of the user is emphasized in UI design. A good user interface is both useful and attractive to use. Our designers create user interfaces that require the least amount of work from the user while engaging with a product. It eventually assists users in achieving their objectives with comfort. Designers utilize many strategies to obtain knowledge about the application's end-user in order to develop the user-centered design. They conduct interviews and firsthand observations to develop a well- organized design for their clients. They also take into account UI aesthetics because, according to the aesthetic–usability effect, end-users assess interfaces with good visuals as being more useful

Our other services

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Our UX engineers and interface designers will take customer experience to the next level.

We build customized and responsive web apps, using the latest tools and technologies.

We build cross-platform and pixel perfect premium mobile applications with the best user experience.

We test web and mobile applications using the latest tools and techniques with all international standards.

We combine data anayltics and artificial intelligence to help you make data driven solutions.

We have an exceptional team of experts that specialize in custom WordPress Development for small and large businesses.

Our business analysts, software architects, and technical writers acknowledge your pain points to meet your needs.

Our SEO experts help you outrank your competition and achieve your business goals with powerful marketing strategies.

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