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A platform where educators become mentors, offering diverse courses for eager learners

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About Project

At Sohcahtoa, they are on a mission to empower individuals to learn, mentor, innovate, and invest all in one place. Sohcahtoa is a platform where educators become mentors, offering a diverse array of courses that fuel your quest for knowledge. Upon course completion, you earn valuable certifications that elevate your skills. But that's not all they were also your hub for crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs with groundbreaking startup ideas can create campaigns to attract potential investors and then the interesting investors can invest in their campaign.


There are two significant challenges individuals face in today's dynamic world. There are several disadvantages to the traditional education system. First, it lacks flexibility and variety to align with the diverse learning goals of students of all ages. In addition, aspiring entrepreneurs have a difficult time finding the financial backing they need to launch their startup ideas. Mentors and investors are faced with these challenges, creating a gap between learners and mentors.


Sohcahtoa is the answer to two modern challenges: the need for flexible, tailored education and access to startup funding. They provide a platform where educators become mentors, offering diverse courses for eager learners. Upon completion, you earn valuable certifications. Entrepreneurs can showcase their innovative ideas and attract investors through their crowdfunding feature. Sohcahtoa is where education and innovation converge, empowering personal growth and entrepreneurship in one place.

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Key Features

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Pitch Business Idea & Start Campaign

Through this feature, aspiring entrepreneurs can submit applications to pitch their innovative startup concepts. Once approved, they can launch a campaign, showcasing their ideas to potential investors and backers. It's a dynamic opportunity for entrepreneurs to secure the support and funding needed to transform their ideas into reality.

This feature is your platform for creativity, connecting you with potential backers, collaborators, and mentors. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned innovator, our "Pitch Business Idea & Start Campaign" feature is your launchpad for turning ideas into successful businesses. 

Create Course

With the "Create Course" feature, mentors can easily transform their expertise into comprehensive learning experiences. Mentors create lessons, which are like chapters in a book. They explain things step by step so that learners can understand easily. 

Including lessons and materials: Mentors can include videos, articles, and quizzes to make the lessons more interesting and helpful.Assessment: To see how well learners are doing, mentors can add quizzes and assignments. It's like a way to practice and get better.

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“ZAPTA's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deadlines fueled a fantastic project collaboration. Each deliverable exceeded expectations, highlighting their impressive technical skills and creative problem-solving. Their consistent quality output showcases their reliability and deep understanding of the project, making them a true partner, not just a vendor. Bravo, ZAPTA!”

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Terry Peterson

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