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 Offer streamlined tracking of assets, investor profiles, and transactions

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About Project

InvestMe is your real asset management solution. Designed exclusively for property owners, they offer streamlined tracking of assets, investor profiles, and transactions. Each asset has its dedicated portfolio, and they provide a curated list of accountants. Simplify your real estate management with Invest Me and make informed investment decisions.


Real estate company owners often grapple with the challenges of managing a diverse portfolio of assets efficiently. Traditional methods of tracking properties, investors, and transactions are often labor-intensive and prone to errors. Additionally, the lack of a centralized platform for organizing asset information can hinder informed decision-making. 


Owners of real estate companies can overcome the challenges they face with Invest Me. Offering a streamlined solution, this platform revolutionizes property portfolio management. All your assets are tracked and organized in one place with Invest Me, which allows you to access detailed investor profiles as well as maintain accurate transaction records. Portfolios are dedicated to each asset, ensuring meticulous management.

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Key Features

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Investment Requests

The "Investment Requests" feature is a crucial tool within our real estate application, designed to empower investors in their quest to find and manage real estate investments that match their objectives. This is all about making the process of building a successful real estate portfolio straightforward and confident. 

By utilizing this feature, investors are more likely to find and manage investments that are aligned with their goals. Building successful real estate portfolios with confidence is made easier with this powerful tool.

Financial Transactions

InvestMe Transactions feature empowers property owners with a comprehensive financial management tool that simplifies the tracking and handling of financial transactions across all their assets. With this feature, managing your finances becomes effortless and efficient. Through intuitive dashboards, property owners gain real-time access to a wealth of financial details. 

These dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your financial landscape, offering insights into total payments received, identifying overdue amounts, tracking pending transactions, and even providing a record of completed transactions.

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Our Technologies

“ZAPTA's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deadlines fueled a fantastic project collaboration. Each deliverable exceeded expectations, highlighting their impressive technical skills and creative problem-solving. Their consistent quality output showcases their reliability and deep understanding of the project, making them a true partner, not just a vendor. Bravo, ZAPTA!”

Terry Peterson

Terry Peterson

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