Technical writing is a type of communication that focuses on a customer's core problem. Our team of technical writers will
create user-centered, comprehensive online content that successfully communicates your business.

ZAPTA Technologies technical content writer provide simplified and optimized SEO-rich content for the websites and blogs.

ZAPTA is backed up by exceptionally talented technical writers who have competencies among the industries to determine the needs of the end-users and produce high-quality technical content. We have pro team members that can create detailed technical software documentation and reports from the scratch or critically analyze the existing ones and take them to the next level. ZAPTA ensures that all the technical software documents are created in accordance with the international standard.

What type of documents do we create

Fully optimized content is written that excels at turning the simple layman goals into practical business objectives that effectively drive traffic to the website. Our team of experts will write well-researched and user-centered web content that will effectively communicate your brand and ignite the spark in your business with the best user experience. Most importantly we have skilled writers on board that take the perplexing technical idea and convert them into user-friendly content

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Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Documents

Enhances software quality

The comprehensive documentation aids in keeping track of all elements of an application and enhances software quality. The detailed documentation is required by the organizations in order to convey their software specifications to the developers for maintenance, development purposes. Our team has competent business analysts, software documentation writers, editors, and information architects that take high-level business goals from the clients and turn them into detailed software requirement specifications that pave the way for the project management to verify all the functionalities.

Software Design and Architecture (SDA)

Big picture of the underdevelopment software

Software Design and Architecture documentation includes high-level and atomic level diagrams that illustrate both process and product level designs for the development team. Our experienced architects possess a high level of expertise in portraying all the process and functional aspects of the product in well-structured diagrams. A small to enterprise level business requires a blueprint that shows the whole architecture of their business process or a software product. Our business analysts along with the software architects prepare diagrams that fulfil their operational needs to achieve their business goals. They create 2-tier, 3-tier, and n-tier topologies, as well as MVC models, client-server models, and request response models, depending on the nature of the software product. The business acquires a big picture of the underdevelopment software using these models.

ZAPTA Technologies worpress
ZAPTA Technologies worpress

Software Product Documents

We create comprehensive documents

ZAPTA emphasis the user experience and make sure to provide all the necessary information that can assist customers to use the application after deployment. For this purpose, we create comprehensive documents such as user manuals, how-to guides, technical references, and troubleshooting guides. Our documentation experts additionally produce use case documents and detailed user stories to explain the product's end user's requirements. Throughout the Software Testing Life Cycle, our SQE specialists will keep track of the testing documents that are prepared. Project plan, project summary report, test summary reports, and test cases are examples of these documents. So that our client receives a product that has been verified and validated

Web Content and Web Copy

Meaningful and attractive content for the applications

Our UI/UX engineers are highly qualified and are experts in crafting meaningful and attractive content for the applications. For instance, all those UI components that prompt the user to perform an action like buttons, menus, call to action, help texts, informative tooltips, error messages, etc. are written in accordance with the level of expertise of the end-users.

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Our other services

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Our UX engineers and interface designers will take customer experience to the next level.

We build customized and responsive web apps, using the latest tools and technologies.

We build cross-platform and pixel perfect premium mobile applications with the best user experience.

We test web and mobile applications using the latest tools and techniques with all international standards.

We combine data anayltics and artificial intelligence to help you make data driven solutions.

We have an exceptional team of experts that specialize in custom WordPress Development for small and large businesses.

Our business analysts, software architects, and technical writers acknowledge your pain points to meet your needs.

Our SEO experts help you outrank your competition and achieve your business goals with powerful marketing strategies.

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