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ZAPTA Technologies offering reliable healthcare software solutions

Electronic Health Record Software

Advancements in EHR/EMR

We create end-to-end EMR and EHR software that streamlines clinical efficiency and doctor-patient communication, leading to a superior quality of service. Give your patients and medical staff the ease to access their electronic medical records prescriptions from anywhere. Our EHR software solutions are equipped with block-chain technology integrated secure database transfers, medication monitoring, powerful integrated features such as built-in communication and appointment management and dedicated patient portals.

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Electronic Health Record Software
ZAPTA Technologies: Patient Records Patient Records

Management of all patient records

ZAPTA Technologies: E-prescribing E-prescribing

Management of charting & e-prescribing

ZAPTA Technologies: Scheduling Scheduling

Management of Scheduling & billing

Clinical Records Clinical Records

Management of clinical documents

ZAPTA Technologies: Lab Tests Lab Tests

Management of lab & test result

ZAPTA Technologies: Alerts Alerts

Get alerts and reminders on the go

ZAPTA Technologies: Admininstrative Admininstrative Tools

Management of Administrative tools & reporting

ZAPTA Technologies:Cross-Communication Cross-Communication

Doctor-doctor & doctor-patient communication

ZAPTA Develops: Telehealth and Telemedicine Software

Telehealth and Telemedicine Software

Telehealth Systems

The global pandemic catalyzed the adoption of technology across various industry sectors at an unparalleled pace. The health industry is no different; the growing demand for telemedicine software and patient’s acceptance of telehealth is proof of the fact that it will dictate the future of healthcare. The question is are you ready? We offer telehealth software development services to reshape the way patients and doctors communicate with each other. Our services include a wide range of healthcare software development services, including remote patient monitoring, mobile health solutions, real-time healthcare and telemedicine software. Our service practitioners can monitor, examine, diagnose, and discuss with patients even if they are not physically present in a medical facility. Create flexibility, offer patient-centred care and facilitate patient engagement by partnering with us.

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ZAPTA Technologies: Video Conference Video Conference

Video-conferencing system to enable virtual appointments

ZAPTA Technologies: Integrated pharmacy Integrated pharmacy

Get access to integrated pharmacy software

ZAPTA Technologies: Patient Monitoring Patient Monitoring

Management of remote patient monitoring

ZAPTA Technologies: Consultation Consultation

Real-time video consultation, screen sharing

Laboratory Information Management System

Lab Management

Why go through the hassle of routing lab results through a network of hospital and lab staff, when you can automate distribution? Save time and resources to make the entire process lightning fast with our Laboratory Information management Systems. We develop scalable and adaptable LIMS systems for tracking laboratory storage and inventory, protocol executions, data integrity and security. Our LMS software uses AI over traditional analytics for clinical decision making to get more exact and accurate insights into diagnosis, care procedures, treatment variability, and patient outcomes. Take advantage of our innovative laboratory information management systems that can save you from the hassle of manual and complex distribution processes.

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Laboratory Information Management System
ZAPTA Technologies: Sample Management Sample Management

Management of collected samples

ZAPTA Technologies: Bill and Payment Bill and Payments

Managements of bills and payments

ZAPTA Technologies: Record Keeping Record Keeping

Management of record keepings

ZAPTA Technologies: Inventory Management Inventory Management

Management of Inventory items and reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Analytics &
                                Reporting Analytics & Reporting

Full Analytics of activities summarized for user

ZAPTA Technologies: EMR/HRM Integration EMR/HRM Integration

Integration to EMR/EHR solution and patient portals

ZAPTA Technologies: Order Management Order Management

Managment and Processing of Orders

ZAPTA Technologies:Result Tracking Result Tracking

Tracking and Managements of Clinical results

Hospital and Practice Management Systems

Hospital and Practice Management Systems

Management Systems

At ZAPTA Technologies we understand that healthcare processes can be complicated, including a great deal of paperwork and administration, and while they provide quality treatment and patient safety, they are not necessarily efficient. Using new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, we assist healthcare organizations in automating different activities such as smarter billing, adaptive staffing, and better patient care using real-time data. This way our healthcare software allows for the reduction of manual activities, the reduction of the amount of effort necessary to accomplish jobs, and the acceleration of healthcare procedures. We can build a strong CRM system that will optimize hospital/clinical operations and allow medical personnel to focus on patient care.

ZAPTA Technologies: Secure Patient
                                Database Secure Patient Database

Get access to secure patient record storage

ZAPTA Technologies: Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling

Management of Appointments Scheduling

ZAPTA Technologies: nvoicing & Payments Invoicing & Payments

Management of Invoicing & Payments

ZAPTA Technologies:Dashboard Dashboard

Get access to Dashboards and reports

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