Fintech Solutions

As a leading provider of bespoke fintech solutions, we help ambitious businesses disrupt established banking paradigms and reinvent consumer experiences.

Customised Fintech solutions tailored to satisfy customers

The power of technology promises faster, less expensive, more transparent and user-friendly financial services. We provide financial sector companies with customized fintech solutions to help them flourish in the turbulent market environment and develop an edge that sets them apart like no other. From mobile payments to peer-to-peer lending to AI-powered digital financial advisors, we assist fintech startups and banks to provide unprecedented services while staying ahead of the competition.

Zapta provides Customised Fintech solutions tailored to satisfy customers

Custom Fintech Software

Fintech Production

About 80% of consumers are more willing to conduct business with firms that deliver tailored experiences. When it comes to banking, 40% of clients indicated they would transfer financial institutions to obtain more customized treatment. We can help you reinvent consumer banking. Allow your customers to keep on top of their financial health by simply tracking income and spending, defining objectives, and making budgets – all from one screen. Whether you choose to automate customer service with chatbots, use mobile devices to alter the in-branch experience, or launch an interactive website and app, you are taking steps to provide customers with the financial experience they expect. When customer experience becomes the key distinction between brands, partnering with us is an investment worth making.

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ZAPTA Technologies provides Custom Fintech Software
ZAPTA Technologies: Cross Platform Cross Platform Compatible

Fully compatible on mobile and web devices

ZAPTA Technologies: hird Party
                                Authentication Third Party Authentication

Management of charting & e-prescribing

ZAPTA Technologies: Biometric Security Biometric Security

Get access to Biometric Security System

ZAPTA Technologies: ML & Chatbots ML & Chatbots

Machine Learning & Chatbot system

ZAPTA Technologies: API Integration API Integration

Fully API serve supported system

ZAPTA Technologies: Reports Reports

Management of Report generation and analysis

ZAPTA Technologies: Transaction Reports Transaction Reports

Management of Transaction Reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Savings Savings

Doctor-doctor & doctor-patient communication

ZAPTA providing Intelligent CRM Solutions

Intelligent CRM Solutions

Intelligence in Fintech

Make use of big data analytics to create tailored investing strategies. Our data specialists have just the right tools, expertise and skills in mining data and developing algorithms that anticipate market movements. Similarly, our web and mobile app teams have developed apps that let financial customers collect, preserve, and manage enormous volumes of data for analytical factors. Use IoT-generated data to personalize your insurance packages. And get the benefits of enhanced customization, such as greater engagement, stronger customer retention, and higher conversion rates. Utilize the power of valuable consumer data to influence your decisions and enhance your services unheard of before. Employ predictive analytics and AI-powered business intelligence to significantly increase consumer profile and provide highly tailored financial goods and services.

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ZAPTA Technologies: Customer Support Customer Support

Get dedicated customer support

ZAPTA Technologies: 360 Financing 360 Financing

Get 360 view of financials

ZAPTA Technologies: Contact Management Contact Management

Get in conact with Management

ZAPTA Technologies: Sales Automation Sales Automation

Make sale trails automated with our intelligent system

ZAPTA Technologies: Lead Management Lead Management

Get access to Lead Management feature

ZAPTA Technologies: Customer Engagement Customer Engagement

Get access to engagement feature

ZAPTA Technologies: Maketing Management Maketing Management

Make sale trails automated with our intelligent system

RegTech Solutions

RegTech Services

Do you need assistance with the development of automated Regtech solutions? ZAPTA Technologies offers diverse options ranging from fraud detection and prevention to online identity management, regulatory reporting, and risk management. We can also help you navigate the highly regulated financial world with our team of business analysts and technical writers. If you want Software Requirements Specification (SRS), our experts will listen to your concerns and identify your business requirements to successfully satisfy regulatory standards while minimizing the strain on your limited human resources.

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Zapta builds and deploys RegTech Solutions
ZAPTA Technologies:Transaction
                                Monitoring Transaction Monitoring

Managements of Transaction trails and reporting

ZAPTA Technologies: Audit Management Audit Management

Manage audits and auditory reportings

ZAPTA Technologies: Complaints
                                Management Complaints Management

Management of consumer complaints

ZAPTA Technologies: Funds Compliance Funds Compliance

Management entity/groups for funds compliance monitor

Accounting and Financial Management Systems

Accounting and Financial Management Systems

Fintech Management Systems

Without an accounting or financial Management System, the survival of a company is impossible. Every organization needs mechanisms to control the movement of money in and out of a business. ZAPTA Technologies offers an effective financial management system that can maximize profitability, measure cash flow, calculate tax liabilities, assure compliance, and ensure long-term company sustainability. We provide user-friendly, high-performance, well-integrated financial system solutions, either standalone or as part of a multi-faceted system, to assist businesses in completing day-to-day business operations.

ZAPTA Technologies: Account Aggregation Account Aggregation

Account Aggregation and management

ZAPTA Technologies: ill Payment &
                                Budgeting Bill Payment & Budgeting

Management of bill payments and budgeting reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Seamless Integration Seamless Integration

Fully seamless Integration capabilities

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