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Our top services are UX/UI, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Development, WordPress Development, Technical Writing, and Software Quality Assurance.

We Identify the user needs and business objectives, and we follow our process-oriented UX UI model for requirements verification and validation. We follow international standards and best practices to develop the best quality software products. 
Our Process:
1- Business Needs Identification
2- Project Plan
3- UX UI design
4- Implementation
5- Testing
6- Deployment
7- Maintenance

To estimate the development time of a project, it's essential to know the complexity and scope of the project. On average it takes Two to Three months for the development of the average development project but it could be less or more depending upon the project's nature and scope. So, once we get to know the project details, you will get the estimated time frame.

No! There is no need to be knowledgeable with technical terminologies and technological specifications to work with us. We are ready to assist and capable of helping you every step of the way while working on the project. So, you need to focus on business needs and desired products, and we will help you turn your ideas and imaginations into technological reality.

You have to provide us some details like ideas, business backgrounds, business challenges you'd like to solve through the project. Just share these details and let our experts do the legwork.

ZAPTA experts strictly following international standards and best practices and continually perform tests to ensure the work results are as good as expected by the stockholders. We consider the business objectives and customer preference to ensure that the product delivered meets your specific needs and is built to satisfy quality standards.

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