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We offer educational software solutions customized for you! Create new opportunities with us.
Optimize your management, training and learning.

We develop software that facilitates education, encourages learning and optimizes academic management.

Are you looking for technologies catered to the education sector? Discover solutions that could reduce operating expenses, break geographical barriers, optimize academic management and most importantly make learning fun. At ZAPTA technologies we develop customized, end to end software to assist educational institutions to manage, educate and succeed. Whether you want a sophisticated online learning platform for corporate staff training or a basic e-learning solution to manage your students and staff, we can help.

Zapta Technologies facilitating Educational Industry

Educational Software Development

Efficient & Secure

Use our education software development services to create online education platforms that complement your school's curriculum, make learning more exciting and engaging. Our skilled team of professionals can assist educational institutions and businesses alike in transforming their learning processes to prepare them for the future.

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Zapta tech Educational Software Development
Zapta develops Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Full Fledge Environment

We create unique learning management systems with capabilities such as custom course administration, performance evaluation, and content distribution. As a software development firm with extensive experience in building modern e-learning solutions, ZAPTA Technologies has your back when it comes to making interacting, educating, learning, and monitoring easier and hassle-free. Our educational software development services target all your pain points and develop fully functional and dynamic custom learning management systems (LMS).

ZAPTA Technologies: Dedicated Teams E-Content Uploading

Sahre content dynamically in various formats

ZAPTA Technologies: Dedicated Teams Virtual Communication

Virtual Communication Platforms

ZAPTA Technologies: Dedicated Teams Online Assessment

Core Integrations with other softwares

ZAPTA Technologies: Dedicated Teams Designing Curriculum

Designing Curriculum Strategy & Solution

Software for Corporate Training

Career Ready Training

Who says educational software has to be limited to schools and educational institutions? Did you know that companies that use e-learning technology achieve an 18% increase in employee engagement? Just like IBM, you can reap the rewards of the wonders of technology. We will assist your business in developing and implementing personalized learning solutions that improve performance, boost productivity, and offer a return on investment. We have a professional and devoted development team to help you create online training and skill enhancement educational software that can boost staff productivity.

Zapta tech develops Software for Corporate Training
ZAPTA Technologies: Mobile learning Mobile Learning

Learn course content at your own convenience

ZAPTA Technologies: Course Building Course Building

Build deploy ready course content

ZAPTA Technologies: Training modules Training modules

Get Access to Training modules to assist work flow

ZAPTA Technologies: Reports and Analytics Reports and Analytics

Full Analytics of activities summarized for user

Educational Platform Development

Educational Platform Development

Platform Listing

Startup a business to educate millions with online courses like Coursera, Udemy, and skillshare. Your venture can become a trusted source of up-to-date information and new skills. We create extremely flexible and dynamic websites that make studying genuinely enjoyable. Our expertise in creating educational platforms like this has given us the intuition to create better and engaging and one-of-a-kind websites with immaculate Ui/Ux design.

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ZAPTA Technologies: LMS LMS

LMS for course development and administration

ZAPTA Technologies: Certification Certification

Course suggestions & customized curriculum Assessments and certification

ZAPTA Technologies: Scalability Scalability

Scalability to accommodate tens of thousands of concurrent learners

ZAPTA Technologies: Additional
                                Safeguards Additional Safeguards

System with Added Security layers to keep your workflow safer

School Management System

Institutional Tech

Reduce administrative hardships by digitizing the admissions, enrollment, and registration processes, as well as attendance and other manual activities. ZAPTA Technologies assists in the development of custom school administration software solutions to meet the specific demands of your educational institution. Our software solutions will make your administrator’s job easy, save costs and boost productivity.

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ZAPTA software company developing School Management System
ZAPTA Technologies: dmission & Fees Admission & Fees

Manage Adminssion counts and fee trails

ZAPTA Technologies: Student Administration Student Administration

Manage Student’s academic and administrative activities

ZAPTA Technologies: Attendance Attendance

Manage regular attendace and generate reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Finance Finance

Manage finance and generate financial reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Payroll & Leave Payroll & Leave

Manage Employee Payrolls and Leaves

ZAPTA Technologies:Transport Management Transport Management

Manage Transport system and generate reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Library Management
                                Systems Library Management Systems

Manage generarl libarary system with inventory & status reports

ZAPTA Technologies: Dedicated Teams Hostel Management

Manage Hotel enviroment system

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